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Current Food Plots- Currently these churches are active in working the fields, sowing the seed, and anticipating the harvest. They are listed in alphabetical order. Click on the church picture to take you to there site and events.

Clover Creek Baptist Church
2112 Highway 18
Medon, Tennessee
PRO STAFF: Matthew Mincher

East Commerce Baptist Church
560 East Commerce St.
Lewisburg, Tennessee
PRO STAFF: Mike Adams and Wildlife Group





East Union Baptist Church
2244 Beech Bluff Rd.
Jackson, TN.
PRO STAFF: Sheffie Cornelison, Carey Galyean, Bobby Maness, Jamie Maxwell, Rodney Stegall, George Tubb, Richard Lott, Ed Ervin, Eddy Hollaway, Edgar Pierce, Steve Glisson, Bert Hudgins



Friendship Baptist Church
445 Main Street
Friendship, TN.
PRO STAFF: Jerry Drace


Zion Baptist Church Food Plot


Malesus Baptist Church
480 Old Malesus Road Jackson, TN
PRO STAFF: Mark Cagle


Henderson First Baptist Church
504 East Main Street
Henderson, TN 38340
(731) 989‐2626
PRO STAFF: Brad Patterson, Brad McDaniel, David Hardison, Brad Graves, Geoff McLemore




Malesus Baptist Church Food Plot


Zion Baptist Church
1733 Upper Zion Rd. Brownsville, TN
PRO STAFF: Rad Ellington