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Outfitters-  Who are the Outfitters?  In the outdoor world an Outfitter is the one who makes it possible for men to enjoy a trip into the outdoors. The Outfitters of Harvest through this website and other means are attempting to make it possible for others to be outfitted for the work of the Harvest 365 Outdoor Ministry.

Meet the Outfitters- The Outfitters of are men that God has given the same vision and then joined their heart together. They are sold out to Jesus and want other men to be as well. They are very active in their local church and want Harvest 365 to be a local church outreach.  ...and are avid outdoorsmen who enjoy the creation of our Creator.


Rad Ellington- Rad is from Brownsville, TN (Southwest TN). He is Minister of Music at Zion Baptist Church in Brownsville. He is the father of three boys and married to Libba. The whole family enjoying hunting and share a passion for the outdoors. You may know Rad from the many state websites he runs such as ,  among many others. He is also a small business owner in the recycle field in Jackson.

Edgar Pierce- Edgar is originally from Elizabethton, TN (Northeast TN). He is pastor of East Union Baptist Church in Jackson, TN. He has pastored churches in East Tennessee, the delta and mountains of Arkansas and now in West Tennessee. He has been married to Joyce for thirty years and they have two sons. His personal website for his pulpit ministry is .  He has appeared on Inside the Wild Side TV show on several occasions and was host of a TV show while he was pastor in Arkansas that had a segment called “Wild About Arkansas” each week. He is currently attempting to publish a work of fiction called, “First Breath in Heaven.”

Rad and Edgar are available to help you with your men’s outdoor outreach ministry in any way possible.


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RAD: You can reach him, unless he is hunting, at 731-772-2654.

EDGAR: You can reach him, well sometimes anyway, at 731-868-2300.  

A Note of Apology: We would give you our cell phone but we would forget to put it on silent and you would call just at that buck of a lifetime walked in...