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Starting a Food Plot: Starting a Food Plot at your local church requires at least three things.  One, there must be a group of men who are passionate in their relationship to Jesus Christ. Second, they must be sold out and willing to do what is needed to reach other men with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Third, they need to be avid outdoorsmen.

                Why, because outdoorsmen can spot a fake as quick as that big buck or that long-bearded turkey can spot a hunter. The men you are trying to reach will see through someone who is not a genuine Christian and does not have a genuine concern for them and spook quickly. Most know how a non sportsman stands out in a crowd as he pretends to know what he is talking about.

What is expected of Each Food Plot: We realize each church, and we desire each Food Plot as a competent of the local church, is autonomous. We are developing a Covenant that we ask each Food Plot to sign and agree too but the events are not, nor never will be, mandated by the Outfitters. We realize that what works in one location may not be doable or work in another.

                The main thing that we ask of our Food Plot partners is that they host an activity 3 or more times a year to reach out to men. The particular event conducted is solely up to each Food Plot. We however will always ask each Food Plot to remember safety and never do anything that is considered unethical or illegal. Remember always that we represent Christ to these men we are trying to reach.

                If you have the walk and passion please then give us a call or email. We would love to talk with you and help with ideas to develop your Food Plot. You can also download our Food Plot application and covenant below. Watch the video and click on the shotgun shell below.


Contact: email us at foodplots@harvest365.net

RAD: 731-772-2654

EDGAR: 731-868-2300 

Food Plot Covenant