Harvest 365 Vision

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The language you will hear from the Harvest 365 guys....

Food Plot- What is a Harvest 365 Food Plot? A Food Plot is a local church aligned with Harvest 365.

Food Plot is very familiar term in the world of hunters. We till the ground, plant the seed in order to attract game into the food plot for the harvest.

A Food Plot is a local church involved with Harvest 365 that is using outdoor activities to till the ground, planting the seed of the gospel as they are anticipating the harvest of souls...

Pro Staff- What does Pro of Pro  Staff mean? The Pro Staff is the small group, could be 3 could be 10 or more, who have a passion for Jesus Christ in their life and want to see other men come to know Him. Pro does not mean professional. Pro is short for “promotional” because these men are responsible for the planning and implementing the plans of the local Food Plot as well as give witness to the gospel.

Field Staff- Who are the Field Staff? The Field Staff are those guys who are active in each local church Food Plot who are building friendships with men and bringing them to the events. These are the most important men because they know men who have a passion for outdoor activities.

Blood Trail- Will Harvest 365 have a newsletter or blog? In the future the Blood Trail will be our periodical newsletter or blog. Our prayer is men will follow the blood trail that the Lord Jesus left at Calvary and follow Him through life into heaven.